ANTONIO CONTE said so much by saying so little as he ponders ‘second- ­season syndrome’ as  Chelsea manager.

We had a slip of the finger when he fired off his controversial text message to Diego Costa, which is still having huge repercussions.

And now an innocuous slip of the tongue sums up the communication problems that exist between Conte and the Stamford Bridge boardroom.

As a Prem champion, the Italian should be more relaxed than ever. Yet his perma-smile has faded a tad and there is a more abrasive, curt edge to him.

It is as if something changed over the summer. A brief period when Conte earned the right to wallow in glory and show off his medal. Not so.

Conte said: “Honestly, I don’t know where my wife put it.

“I repeat, I don’t like to turn round and see the past. I like to see the present, to work for the present and to try to improve for the future. I enjoyed that moment a lot. But now this is the past.

“Now it’s important to try to write another story with Chelsea.