She may be newest Premier League WAG


Aurah Ruiz, is the girlfriend of Jese Rodriguez, the former Real Madrid player, currently playing for Paris Saing Germain, but may end up in Premier League very soon. Jese (as he is known), has been heavy linked to few English teams, respectively Middlesbrough, who are very interested on signing him.

Due to lack of playing with Real Madrid, Jese decided to join PSG last summer, where he was presented along his busty girlfriend, who somehow stole the show, even though PSG paid €25m for her boyfriend.

Jese doesn´t have the talent of his former teammate, Cristiano Ronaldo, but he is known as hard working player and he never stops chasing the ball. Having that in mind, it all make sense now how he found his girlfriend. They are both born in Canary Islands and while Jese plays football, Aurah does modelling.

Once she tried to say that she is quite mysterious. “Nobody knows the real me, no one knows how many times I cried, no one knows the thoughts that go through my head. Nobody knows me!”